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Hello, Jess...

Art model, photographer, magazine editor, content creator

Jessica Yupele is a multi-talented fashion and art model based in London, England. Known for her striking and statuesque presence, her photos showcase a unique blend of power and delicacy.


With a passion for pushing boundaries and challenging societal norms, especially stereotypes and misconceptions about Black women and the Black female body, Jess has worked with renowned photographers such as Gilles Berquet, Nadia Lee Cohen, Corwin Prescott, Julia Fullerton-Batten, Àsìkò, and Maisie Cousins.


Alongside her commercial modelling career, Jess is also a skilled self-portrait photographer, and the founder of SUM, an online photo magazine that focuses on darker-skinned women of colour.


As an advocate for women and ethnic minorities, Jess empowers others through not only her images, but also through mentoring and photography workshops.

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