Hello, Jess...

Art model, photographer, magazine editor, content creator

Jessica Yupele is a published fashion and art model, based in London, England. Striking and statuesque, Jess’s photos flit between imposing and delicate, often titillating and always interesting.

Having modelled for photographers such as Gilles Berquet, Nadia Lee Cohen, Corwin Prescott, Julia Fullerton-Batten, Àsìkò, and Maisie Cousins, Jess really enjoys working with people who push boundaries and challenge societal norms, especially stereotypes and misconceptions about Black womxn and the Black female body.

She is also a skilled self-portrait photographer, producing much of the content that one can find across her digital channels. And in 2019, she started SUM, a quarterly, online photo magazine focused on darker-skinned women of colour.