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Power Nap: Cane & Ginger Sugarcane Juice Bar, Dalston

Two girls drink sugar cane juice

Run by Jeffery and Anne Campbell, this sugar cane juice stall on Ridley Road Market, is THE spot for delicious, all-natural refreshment.

We were among the first to be served that Saturday morning; Jeffery had only just finished setting the equipment up, and he makes everything fresh there and then. So, preparation took a few minutes longer than we would have liked, but good things do indeed come to those who wait.

Worth getting out of bed? HECK YES

Further reading, and info on other stalls on Ridley Road Market, in this article on Dalston being the 13th coolest neighbourhood in the world! 'Exploring the Dalston ‘vibe’ after Time Out labels the area 13th coolest in world', by Winnie Lee, 20/10/2021

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