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Power Nap: HQ Aviation: Helicopters aren't as easy as they [don't] look!

Little helicopter or giant woman??

Location: HQ Aviation, Denham

Date: 13th Oct 2021

Weather: Bright and clear (I was meant to go a week earlier, but the weather was unsuitable)

Activity: A 30-minute 'Discovery Flight'

Cost: £180

After the pre-flight briefing, I enjoyed a full, hands-on flying experience, where I would confront my Ego...

My instructor, Hugh Barklem, was just a legendary person all round. An incredible pilot, and a laid-back, supportive teacher. We flew over the Denham area, high and low, slowly, and at speed. One thing that stood out to me was that helicopter controls only require the lightest of touches. My training on PS2 games hundreds of years ago did NOT help! And though there was some fear, of course, getting over my frustration and not being good at this straight away was much harder to shake. A lesson for life.

Worth getting out of bed? If you are of the school of thought that you should do something that scares you each day, then definitely YES. All in all, a wonderful introduction to the skies above (and a very memorable gift!)

A few more snaps inside and outside the HQ Aviation hangars. I wish I could remember Pup's name.

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Omg Jess this is so cool!!🤩👏🚁

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