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Back like we never left!


After a little break to reassess and build up content, SUM's back, with a bit less frequency but a tighter (yet still evolving) concept. I think about SUM every single day, and my vision of what/how I want it to be changes almost as often. I've realised that I don't need to have all the answers straight off the bat, it's natural that a project will evolve as one's knowledge grows.


The feedback has been so positive, with far more interest than I ever expected. You want to support, help with it, feature in it and suggest things and people I should feature in it. It's incredibly reassuring to know you have that kind of confidence and belief in me. Thank-you! Thanks for hanging in there and coming back for issue 5, featuring photos and in-depth interviews with Jessie Lovejoy, Stephaboo, and yours truly.



Models: Jessie Lovejoy IG

Stephaboo IG

Jessica Yupele


Jessica Yupele

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ISSUE 5 pdf

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