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Power Nap: A festival of flavour at Noci restaurant, Islington

Location: Noci, 4-6 Islington Green, London N1 2XA

Date: April 2022

Activity: PASTA

We ate:

- Starter: Mussel and squid fritti, nori & bagna cauda (I would eat this for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I could.) | Nocellara olives (there is such a thing as a decadent olive.)

- Main: Veal & pork Genovese ragu, Monk’s Head cheese, paccheri (I'm still thinking about this, weeks later. Exquisite.) | Spring silk handkerchiefs, walnuts, asparagus, wild garlic & confit Burford brown egg yolk (also exquisite).

- I didn't have room for dessert (diabolical, I know), but when I go again, I'll be trying the Bay leaf whipped gelato(!?!)

We drank: House Peach Spritz (also delicious)

Cost: About £28 per person, for a cocktail, starter and main each

Worth getting out of bed? I don't even know why you're still here reading this, GO GO GO!

I could have eaten this whole wheel of cheese. Should have.

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