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Power Nap: An East London Day Date - 3 cute things to do with a friend on a Friday afternoon

These are all worth getting out of bed for, even if you are not naturally good at bowling and hate losing.


First: Bowling at All Star Lanes, Brick Lane Price: Off-peak (Mon-Fri, before 6pm) £8/person/game, if you book online ); £8.50 on the day

This was my third time ever bowling, but I seemed to be under the impression that I was really good. Humility. I hit the gutter so many times, the whole meaning of the game, and perhaps of my own existence before and beyond this room, began to drift away, out of my scope of understanding. I hate losing.

Then: Drown your sorrows, sore arms, and detachment from reality in hot sake, with lunch at Sanjugo. A tiny Japanese restaurant with a delicious menu, and authentic atmosphere.

Price: ££

I looked up the menu before hand, of course, and ordered: - Padron pepper

- Edamame - Marinated aubergine - Hiramasa salad - Unagi don - YUZU SAKE / 柚 酒 - cold (glass) £7 - TAKARA PLUM WINE /プラムワイン - cold

Finally: Head skywards (metaphorically) with a couples massage at Siam Breeze that will take you higher and higher. I went for a deep tissue massage, and never wanted it to end. I go at least once a month now; this is my SPOT. Price: £125 for two people Duration: 60 mins

More jelly than person, after my deep tissue massage

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