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Power Nap: Bottomless Cake and Fizz @ Jack and Beyond

Location: Jack and Beyond, 606 Fulham Road, SW6 5RP

Date: Right now, m8! (3rd May 2022)

Activity: All the cake you can eat, and all the prosecco/ beer/ white wine, or hot drinks you can drink.

I ate: It was a poor show for me, really. I sauntered arrogantly in, ready to make them rue the day Big Belly Yupele came to Fulham Road, but three quarters of the way through my first slice of cake (gluten free chocolate and peanut butter), and half glass of prosecco, I was feeling full. The cakes are SO fresh, delicious and rich! Very high quality.

They actually fit 'Presidential Harassment' on the cookie!

The selection today was:

- Red velvet slice

- Lemon and elderflower slice

- Gluten Free chocolate and peanut butter slice

- Raspberry cheesecake slice

- Salted caramel cupcake

- Victoria sponge slice

The arrangement is that they provide a tasting plate with all the slices on offer that day, and you can then get repeats of your faves until your 90 minutes are up.

All were glorious. Seriously, and I'm a cake snob. I'm even more a hot chocolate snob, and the hot chocolate was *heavenly*. Like drinking velvet, in the 70s, blissfully high. I think.

Price: £39.50 per person, book here

Worth getting out of bed?: Man, I wish that place was my bed. Does that even make sense? Basically, YES WORTH IT.

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